Laundry The Eco - Friendly Way

Wet cleaning is environmentally friendly way of cleaning dry – cleaning items and commercial laundry.

What is Wet Cleaning?

Wet Cleaning Technology is a water based environmentally friendly alternative to traditional dry cleaning. The advantages of Wet Cleaning are less impact on the environment, better quality and customer satisfaction.
Our sophisticated washing machines use non – toxic chemicals and spotting agents that are designed for wet cleaning which remove stains from all fabric types, in combination with our heat pumps that compress the outside air and brings the heat into the storage tank which heats our water and saves energy.
Our industrial Dryers run on LPG gas which reduces our carbon footprint, and keeps your domestic and commercial laundry crisp and wrinkle free, but at the same time saves energy and reduces greenhouse admissions, dry cleaning labelled items we air dry before pressing with steam.

The Majestic Kimberley’s is worth preserving so we are doing our part and so can you.

Solar Power

Sustainable Water

Non Toxic Chemicals