Products and Services
  • (Wet) Dry Cleaning
  • Pressing/Ironing
  • Repairs
  • Commercial & Domestic Laundry
We are located at:
2 Erythrina Street, 
WA, 6743

Our reception is located next to Barra Shak, opposite Coles.
Our opening hours are: 
9:00am - 6:00pm, 
Monday to Saturday. 
Our Prices
It isn't possible for us to give exact prices for our laundry services as there are many factors to consider such as the condition of the items, the material they are made from, if there are any difficult to remove stains on them etc. Until we examine the articles we wont be sure of what the exact costs will be.

However, please find below examples of customer bills for both commercial and domestic jobs that should give you some idea of how we charge for our services.