Products and Services
  • (Wet) Dry Cleaning
  • Pressing/Ironing
  • Repairs
  • Commercial & Domestic Laundry
We are located at:
2 Erythrina Street, 
WA, 6743

Our reception is located next to Barra Shak, opposite Coles.
Our opening hours are: 
9:00am - 6:00pm, 
Monday to Saturday. 
Aquatex (Wet) Dry Cleaning System
We use a dry cleaning system called Aquatex, which is somewhat of a contradiction in terms because we actually use water in the cleaning process (Wet Dry Cleaning).

Conventional dry cleaning uses lots of harmful chemicals which later need to be disposed of which can harm our environment.

Aquatex is not only eco-friendly, but it cleans clothes better leaving them smelling nice too.